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Whats your favorite sports team?

Fans cheer: that means sports are here. Every competitive event is some sort of sport, and where there are sports there are people rooting for one team and or a certain person.

Let’s narrow the sports to just football and basketball.

Northtown has many students that have their own opinion about sports teams.

In dealing with college teams, most of the time in this area one would say either Mizzou or Kansas, but with Mizzou leaving to a different conference, that rivalry might become extinct.

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“I like MU because KU sucks,” junior Taylor Thompson said.

She is not the only person that thinks that way.

“I like MU because I hate KU,”junior Jzsa Berymon said.

KU has some love at Northtown too.

“My favorite college team is KU because I grew up in Kansas,” junior Greg Kitchens said.

“I like KU because I grew up in Kansas, and my parents work for their athletic department,” math teacher Ms. Fitch said.

Even though geographically Kansas City is in the middle of these two universities, not everyone likes one of them.

“My favorite college team is Texas because they are the best,” senior Jeremy Bain said. “Hook them horns.”

“My favorite college team is Baylor, because they play good basketball,” junior Lauren Austin said.

What do students have to say about the big leagues, the NFL and the NBA?

“I like the San Diego Chargers and the Boston Celtics because they are both awesome,”sophomore Damion Mullikin said.

“I like the Chargers because they are in my hometown, and my favorite NBA team is the Orlando Magic because they have Dwight Howard,” Thompson said.

“I like the Carolina Panthers without Cam Newton, and the Chicago Bulls because of Derick Rose,” sophomore Yel Yel said.

“I like the Kansas City Chiefs because they are the hometown team, and the Celtics because of Ray Allen,” Austin said.

Regardless of who you cheer for, or if you don’t like sports at all, just be happy with who or what you stick with.

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