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Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it?

Gazing into each other’s eyes are sophomores Breanna Warnes and Jairo Mendez. The couple have been together for about eight months and it will be nine months on Valentine’s Day, February 14. “My favorite part about dating him is probably how comfortable I am around him. I can be silly, goofy, and immature and he doesn’t think I’m completely insane. At least I hope not. I also like how he can tell me when I do something that I shouldn’t, like if I’m rude to someone, he’ll call me out on it. He keeps me in check,” said Warnes.


Valentine’s Day: the trademark day of love.


Is it a day when people take time to tell others they love them or buy gifts? Or is it the time to go the extra mile to show signs of appreciation, dress in red, and maybe even tell a crush how they feel about them?

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Or is it just an excuse to buy unneeded presents and be sweet to someone for one day the whole year?


Most people would say it is a day dedicated to love and everything about it.


However, there are people that feel it is unnecessary.


“If I could have the perfect Valentine’s Day, I would wake up to flowers and breakfast in bed. Throughout the day, I would get little sweet sayings, then I would get taken to dinner in a limo and proposed to,” senior Jessie Connor said.


When asked why she liked Valentine’s Day she responded, “because I like the color red and seeing people being nice to each other.”


Most people’s ideal Valentine’s Day consists of different love-related things like chocolates and flowers. Others feel the complete opposite.


“I don’t like Valentine’s Day because it’s a waste of time and money. It’s just about spending money and girls always make a big deal out of it and expect more,” said senior Erick Arellano.


Some may see it as a day just for a significant other.


Others, such as junior Marty Melia, feel differently. In his case, it is deeper than just a girlfriend or crush, but for a loved one that some of us may sometimes tend to take for granted.


“I like the day because it’s a day for the ladies and for my mom because I love my mom,” he said.


“It’s another day to spend with the ones you love,” said senior Eddie Caldwell.


He plans on spending his Valentine’s making 125 Valentine’s Day cupcake orders.


Whether you spend your Valentine’s Day making cupcakes, spending money on someone, or hating the day, remember it is only what you make it, so make it good.

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