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What do graduates miss about Northtown?



High school is an excellent time to meet new people, make new friends, and really discover who you are as a person.

 After you graduate you have the option to go to college and get a degree, get a job, and maybe start a family. Once you start to settle in, you reflect on how you got to where you are, and it goes back to what you did in high school and college.

What do Northtown alumni miss about their high school experiences?

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“I miss the teachers, performing with the Harmonaires, and the dance team,” said Morgan Thompson, class of 2010.

“I miss dancing at the games and assemblies,” said Lauren Magary, class of 2011.

“I miss the good times with my friends. High school is a time when you have more free time and less responsibilities than you will when you start college or get a job. Your high school years are the best time to make friends and enjoy hanging out with them,” said Kirk Dowell, class of 1982.

“I was a Bannerette (carried a flag and marched with the band). What I miss most is being in Pep Club, going to games, watching the pom pon girls perform and the cheerleaders leading us in cheers. It was always fun to wear our Pep Club uniforms, bobbie socks and clods. When I went to Homecoming a few months ago, I noticed that it transforms you back in time. You see the lights, the rock wall, the people walking by, and the smell of the night air. I’m 58 and when I’m there, it’s like I’m 17 again,” said Mary Margaret De Shon, class of 1971.

Some former Northtown students never truly left the district, returning as staff members.

“I miss cheerleading with Coach Knipfel, open lunch, the Little Store, debate and forensic tournaments, and all school assemblies,” said Oakwood Manor Elementary School kindergarten teacher Ms. Amanda Maybrier Wolfe, class of 1995.

“I don’t miss much, just being in the plays,” said NTV, forensics, and theatre teacher Mrs. Amanda Gates Dolinger, class of 2005.

“I miss going out to lunch, and my parents paying for it,” PE and health teacher Colette McQuillen Clemens, class of 2003.

What does it feel like for these two teachers to be teaching at the same high school that they graduated from?

“It’s nice that it is familiar and it’s like being at home,” Dolinger said.

“It’s nice to have my own classroom and to meet different students. It is awesome that I get to be the boss of children and I get to know the inner workings of the school,” Clemens said.

Everybody has different memories about their high school experiences. What will you remember about Northtown?

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