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What makes Northtown different?

Gum, anyone? The gum pole has been a tradition at Northtown ever since it was at the Dagg building. Students put their gum on it as a tradition – and for fun, of course

Northtown is a very unique school. School policies and privileges, paired with a long history and students’ backgrounds, have set Northtown apart from other schools in the metro area.

There is no doubt that Northtown is different, but what makes us that way?

“We have open campus lunch and we are pretty amazing, other than sports,” junior Hannah Lewis said.

Unfortunately, upperclassmen pick on freshmen at Northtown just like at other schools.

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“At Northtown you get to trick freshmen into thinking we have a secret tunnel from Norclay to Main,” junior Dolly Nguyen said.

“Northtown is better than everybody else,” senior Sam Riley said.

“Northtown has a different diversity, culture, and atmosphere and the bond between them, and the fact that we have a gum pole and it’s awesome,” junior Robby Lockett said.

The gum pole is a pole behind the football locker rooms where students place their gum. It wasn’t always there, however.

“When I was a student, the gum pole was at the Dagg building, which is where the parking lot for the media center is now. I even put gum on it myself. When Norclay was added, students found the pole behind the lockers to put their gum on,” Principal Dan Wartick, class of 1972, said.

It’s not just possessions – our alumni and community pride also make Northtown unique.

Our alumni and community are supportive of us. They come to events, and students do Beautification Day with them. Harmony Vineyard Church helps out our football team with their team meals for support. Northtown has probably the best relationship with its alumni and community in the metro.

Northtown also gets students ready for college. The campus has six different buildings, and students travel among these to get to their various classes, just like universities.

Our history goes back to the time of the Great Depression. The original football stadium was built during that time as a work project. Part of the original football field was made into the wall around the current stadium.

The Kansas City Star ranked our football field as the most interesting high school field in the metro area.

How many high school students can say they have had three generations come and go through the same school?

Every high school is unique in its own way, and Northtown definitely stands out in the state of Missouri.

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