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Music departments go to competition

All three music departments will be going to contest to compete for superior ratings. They will they perform multiple large ensemble pieces. After that they will be sent to the sight reading room. This tests how quickly the musicians can interpret and perform a piece of music they have never seen before.

Three judges will then collaborate and give each school an overall rating on the performances. The ratings range from I to V, a one being the highest rating.

The Hornet Orchestra will be taking approximately 40 musicians to Park Hill High School to compete on Thursday, April 12. This year, the orchestra will be performing two large ensemble pieces: “Remembrance” by Gibson and “Danza Da Ballo” by Mosier.

The song “Remembrance” is a tribute to the 9/11 attack.

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“Danzo Da Ballo” is Italian, meaning “Dance from the ball”. The composer, Mosier, teaches at Lee’s Summitt High School.

“Contest is fun because I get to see talent from other schools. I am sad that this is my last year I will be participating,” senior cello player Sydney Cope said.

The orchestra had two pre-contest performances. One took place on Tuesday, March 20 and the second one was on Thursday, March 22.

Barbara Miller, the Orchestra Director, has high confidence in the orchestra this year. “The performance on Tuesday was good and the performance on Thursday was amazing,” Miller said.

All musicians have been working hard during rehearsals. Due to the hard work, the sound of the orchestra keeps getting better and better.

The North Kansas City Symphonic Band will be competing a day after orchestra on Friday, April 13. Forty-five musicians will perform two songs at the competition. The first song is called, “They Hung Their Harps in the Willows” by W. Francis McBeth and the second song is “Shooting Stars” by Richard Saucedo.

“They Hung Their Harps in the Willows” is a song based off of the Bible verse Pslam 137.

Pslam 137: “By the rivers of Babylon, there they sat down and wept. Upon the willows in the midst of it, we hung our harps.”

The song represents mourning or the end of life. Band Director Carrie Epperson, described the song as “a very deep and dark piece of music.”

Preparing for contest is not as easy as it seems.

“The anticipation before contest is really stressful, but it is so relieving to finally be done with it” Sophomore Caleb McQuerry said.

Epperson stated that no matter how well the band sounds before contest, she will always be nervous. She continued to explain that the students know how to play the music and what they do.

“I have faith in our students. I trust in the band. I always do,” Epperson concluded.


The choir will take approximately one hundred vocal students to contest on Saturday April 14th. The choir will perform their large ensemble pieces at Park Hill High School.

“I really like singing the songs and the anticipation of waiting to see if we get a I rating” Junior Hannah Pio said.

On Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31st solos and small ensembles from all three music departments competed at Liberty High School.

Five Orchestra Solos along with two duets earned a I (superior) rating. While five solos and four small ensembles earned a II (excellent) rating.

The NKCHS Band achieved a record number of superior ratings. A total of fifteen out of nineteen events that the band took to contest qualified for state.

Three solos earned a II rating and another solo earned a III (good) rating.
The Choir also earned outstanding ratings. Eleven vocalists qualified for state and overall 99% of Choir students earned a II rating or higher.

Solo and Small Ensemble Ratings


These students earned “1” ratings and will go on to State Solo/Small Ensemble Festival on April 27:
Andrea Johnson – senior – violin solo
Sydney Cope – senior – cello solo
Jessica Rambo – junior – viola solo
Sean Brown – sophomore – violin solo
Felicia Williams & Sean Brown – sophomores – violin duet
Leland Williams & Jacob Riley – freshmen – bass duet
Callie Warren – junior – piano solo

These students earned “2” Ratings:
Devon Smith – senior – violin solo
Erika Rambo – junior – violin solo
Josh Harp – sophomore – piano solo
Felicia Williams – sophomore – violin solo
Rebekah Best – freshmen – cello solo
Andrea Johnson, Devon Smith, Corrie Gibson, Sydney Cope, Jackson Taylor – string quintet
Felicia Williams, Elissa Christensen, Jillian VanZandt, Robert Beck – string quartet
Juliana Garcia, Alyssa Robinson, Kasmira Schumaker – freshmen – violin trio
Ian DeWalt & Rebekah Best – freshmen – cello duet


1″ (Superior) Ratings that qualify for State Solo and Ensemble Contest on April 27th.
David Becker – freshman – Clarinet Solo AND Piano Solo
Corrie Gibson – senior – Clarinet Solo
Alex Niederber- freshman – Clarinet Solo AND Piano Solo
Ryan Ganaban-freshman – Snare Drum Solo
Samuel Riley – senior- Alto Saxophone Solo
Brenna Davis – sophomore – Piano Solo
Courtney Kubayko – senior – Euphonium Solo
Julie Youngers – freshman – Flute Solo
Madeleine Hazen – sophomore – Flute Solo
Erin Niederberger – senior – Piano Solo
Saxohpone Quartet – Sam Riley(12), Dillon Harden(10), Micah McQuerry(12), and Jackson Spohr(12)
Woodwind Trio – Julie Youngers(9), Kyra Manlove(9), and Lori Barnes(9)
Woodwind Quintet – Corrie Gibson(12), Madeleine Hazen(10), Erin Niederberger(12), Abbie Mason(10), and Christian Folsom(12)
2″ (Excellent)Rating:
Thomas Swope – senior – Trumpet Solo
Kyra Manlove – freshman – Clarinet Solo
Abbie Mason – sophomore – Piano Solo
“3” (Good) Rating:
Alex Spoon – sophomore- Trumpet Solo

Gina Frogge- Excellent Rating-Solo and Women’s Sextet

Candace French-Excellent Rating-Solo and Mixed Double

Emily Denison-Superior Rating-Solo, Mixed Double and Excellent Rating Women’s Trio

Ryan Ganaban-Superior Rating-Solo and Excellent Rating Mens Misc Ensemble

Felicia Yaofmal-Excellent Rating Solo

Hannah Leach -Excellent Rating Solo, and Excellent Rating Mixed Double

Sydney Bleam-Excellent Rating Solo and Excellent Rating Women’s Sextet

Brianna Ely-Excellent Rating Solo and Excellent Rating Women’s Sextet

Jessica Nguyen-Good-Solo and Excellent Rating Women’s Sextet

Juliana Johnson-Excellent Rating-Solo, Women’s Sextet, and Misc Mixed Ensemble

Greg Kitchen’s- Excellent Rating Solo, Mixed Double and Men;s Ensemble

Charlotte Gbomina-Superior Solo, Excellent Women’s Trio

Shannon Henderson-Excellent Solo

Robert Taylor-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Graham McCracken-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Alex Roney-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Daniel Moran-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Caitlyn Noe-Excellent Women’s Sextet

Angel Zahnter-Excellent Women’s Sextet

Daniel Preciado-Excellent Women’s Sextet

Madeline Marrs-Excellent Mixed Double and Solo

Rebecca Lozano-Excellent Solo

Alexis Black-Excellent Solo and Women’s Sextet

Fabio Sonda-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Ceres Campos-Superior Solo, Superior Mixed Double and Excellent Women’s Sextet

Dut Deng-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Aaron Thao-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Quinton Ground-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Branislov Tadic-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Matthew May-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Ryan Welliver-Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Dolly Nguyen-Excellent Women’s Sextet Superior Mixed Double

Alex Grant-Excellent Women’s Sextet

Evan Kinney-Superior Mixed Double

Mark Murrain-Superior Mixed Double

Frank Coppa-Superior Mixed Double

Joven Doung-Superior Mixed Double

Callie Warren-Superior Mixed Double, Excellent Women’s Sextet

Monique Maxwell-Excellent Solo

Jayme Sneed-Excellent Solo

Eddie Caldwell-Superior Solo and Excellent Men’s Ensemble

Shelby Bowman-Excellent Mixed Double

Miranda Heisman-Excellent Women’s Sextet

Robbie Locket-Excellent Mixed Double

Jacob Gutierez- Excellent Rating-Solo and Misc Ensemble


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