Eleven students sign to colleges


Showing your team colors Seven of the eleven althletes await the announcements of their college signings. Many of the atheletes were proud to be there and happy that the college of their choice wanted them for the sport they love.

Tierra Samuel, staff writter

As students prepare to walk the graduation stage on May 16, senior athletes are preparing to compete in college sports in the fall.
On April 25, students Hannah DeVries, Tucker Seise, Amellia Coffey, William H. Rice, Marquise Poitier, Geoffrey Borque, Taylor Brooks, Zach Tyson, Nick Anderson, Keyaunna Robinson, and Kadeem Mcintosh signed to the colleges of their choice.
“I feel like it was the perfect fit,”said Poitier when asked why he chose to sign with Missouri Valley College
These students may have been scouted by many colleges but used their best judgment to choose the perfect school for them. Some students like Taylor Brooks may have taken advice from their coaches while others used money as a determining factor for their decisions.
“[I chose Allen County Community College] because they offered the most money, have a good success rate, and have great academics,” said Borque.
Not only have these athletes conquered high school sports, they are also preparing to achieve goals they have set for themselves. Northtown’s senior athletes who signed have set very big goals for themselves.
“I would like to be All American for community college,” said Robinson.
The will be transitioning from a less competitive high school sport to a very demanding  college sport. These students will endure lots of training to better themselves for their specific sport.
“The people take it way more seriously,” said Anderson.
At the ceremony, coaches expressed their high hopes and their feelings of pride toward their high school and future success.