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Will teachers miss seniors?

For Northtown’s seniors, there are just a few days of school left. Lots of good memories connect students with North Kansas City High School. Over the last few years, it has become their home.

Many seniors will miss the school year, their friends, and teachers. But what about teachers? Will they miss their seniors after they graduate?
Teachers are not an exception. They saw their students growing up and getting more mature and educated with every semester. They were proud of them when the students achieved high results in their class. They were sad when sometimes kids disappointed them. They were supportive when some students had difficulties. There are definitely certain things that every teacher will miss about his or her seniors.

“I’ll miss every student in my senior IB II class, because they all are great kids,” said French teacher Chad Lower.

Some teachers have special memories about seniors that are different from any other classes.

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“We’ve got all these inside jokes. I can’t tell them any more,” said German teacher Kevin Moore.

Creative, funny, smart, open-minded, always ready to learn something new. That’s how the teachers of NKCHS described the class of 2012.

“I just love their sense of adventure. They can have fun, but do it in a good way that promotes school spirit,” said History teacher Laurel Maslowski.

Every class is unique in its own way. Who, if not teachers, can tell for sure what the uniqueness is?

“I’ll miss their creative wit and contagious smiles,” said Math teacher Matt Fillingham

Teachers might never see their students again. Some teachers might see them becoming grown-ups with families and kids, who might come to their parent’s school and be taught by the same teachers.

“I’ve been with many of them for so long. A part of me will be gone,” said Spanish teacher Monika Beck.

The seniors will leave, but the memories will stay forever. The teachers’ memories of the class of 2012 and the memories of that wonderful time spent in Northtown will never be gone.

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