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Courtney Kubayko’s smiley piercing.

Tattoos, once a proud marker of fringe sub-cultures, have become ever more popular in today’s mainstream culture.

Body piercings have made their way to places outside of the standard earlobe placement and hold significantly less shock value than they did a couple of decades ago. Take a walk down the hallways of Northtown and body modifications can be found quite easily.

The reasons invoked by youth for tattooing or piercing refer mostly to the expression of individuality, to the confirmation of their personal identity, and to aesthetics.

Senior Courtney Kubayko has expressed interest in this form of expression, getting her first facial piercings at the age of 14.

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Over the years of high school, Kubayko has had snakebites and her septum pierced, and currently has three earlobe piercing in each ear along with a pierced smiley under her upper lip.

“They’re cute and make me feel like a badass rebel,” Kubayko said. “Plus, not all piercings are permanent.”

Kubayko has yet to get any tattoos but she says she’s not opposed to the idea.

Sophomore Karen Villegas can be found sporting a lip ring on her left side.

“I’ve wanted it forever and I just got it this year,” Villegas said. “I’m definitely planning on getting more; I love piercings.”

Senior Caitlyn Harden also likes piercings but unfortunately they are not a realistic option considering her job. Instead, on her 18th birthday, Harden went to John Monk’s Revelations to get her first tattoo. Her tattoo is curly script that says “Karma treat it well” across the back of her shoulders.

To Harden this tattoo is an expression of her belief that everyone deserves to be respected and given a chance.

“I didn’t want something generic like a peace sign. I wanted something unique. I actually came up with the quote myself,” Harden said.

Harden has plans to get many more tattoos including flowers around her ankles and an image of Bob Marley.

Senior Julian Terrada has four tattoos: three on his right arm and one on each shoulder blade,  all with a biblical theme.

“I’ve always liked tattoos, and I wanted them for the longest time. I knew I was going to get tattoos so I wanted them to be meaningful,”said Terrada.

Terrada doesn’t think he’ll be regretting his tattoos any time soon. Especially since they carry a meaning important to his life and who he is.

Senior Jessica Kennedy has a tattoo of “Peace, love, and happiness” on the back of her neck.

“It’s a motto I think everyone should live by,”said Kennedy.

Kennedy’s tattoo combines both aesthic and meaning into a form of self-espression.

Tattoos and piercings –once taboo and only worn by criminals, sailors, and the hardened people of the world –have exvolved to be expressions of one’s self for even the common person, including the students of Northtown.

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