Social Impact


Millions of teens use social networking everyday! With hundreds of sites to socialize on and so much information to absorb it’s hard to get off of phones/ tablets/computers.


There are many disadvantages to this. According to, 70% of all teen use social media. It is said that social media can increase the regular use of alcohol and drugs. Social media can also affect grades. It is said that teens that check their Facebook every 15 minutes had lower grades then teens that only use it once or twice a week.


Sure on social media sites friend can give you compliments but “friends” can also leave hurtful comments which is a thing called cyber bullying. Also, it is said that teens who use a lot of social media develop characteristics like narcissism, antisocial behavior, depression and anxiety.


Many of the popular types of social media.

Although there are many cons to social media there are also some pros. Social media increase new social connections between old and new friends. Now and days social media is a new way to find jobs. It creates easy way to plan and invite friends to upcoming events.


You can also use social media to promote you work. Lets say that you are a new and upcoming musician and you want the world to hear your music. All you have to do at this point is create a video and post in on YouTube.


Social media can even help you get out of jail! James Karl buck was arrested in Egypt at an anti-government protest. Egyptian police had arrested him but before his arrest he had time to make a tweet saying “Arrested.” The U.S authorities got him out of Egyptian imprisonment.