What do Your Classmates Really Know?

Here at North Kansas City High School, I wanted to know what students really knew about the world today. To do this, I questioned random students over current events in the world and entertainment.

I found out very quickly how much students knew about each subject. Although, it happens to be something very funny and entertaining to watch, this interview really opened my eyes to the world.

Why students are busy with school and studying, it seems like the only news they really hear about is what is going on in the entertainment world around them. And while it could be helpful to know how to “nae-nae” at a party, know who the Vice President is might be some information that needs to be understood maybe for the EOCs coming up.

The questions I asked are as followed:

  1. What is the Nae-nae?
  2. What is currently happening in Ukraine?
  3. What did Kim Kardashian name her baby?
  4. What recently happened in South Korea?
  5. Who is Vladimir Putin?
  6. What is a selfie?
  7. Who is the current Vice President?