North Kansas City Community Center

North Kansas City Community Center

Want to exercise? Need to work out? A great place to go is the North Kansas City Community Center on 1999 Iron Street. Many students here in North Town wonder where to go to get a work out and what to do. The community center is a great place to go if you’re looking for something to do.


What do they have there you ask? Well, to start they have a nice swimming pool with many lanes to do laps in. There are also many swimming classes held there to practice. Along with swimming, they have Saunas and a hot tub for enjoyment.


Another thing you can do there is workout at the upstairs gym. They have many of machines, such as an elliptical, treadmill, leg press, and bicycles. Along with those, they also have weights to improve your upper body strength and Matts to do different types of workouts on.


Downstairs, there is a gym to go to practice the sports you like. The main sport practiced there is basketball, but you can also practice volleyball and even tennis if you ask to put up the net. In the gym, there are many courts. They separate these courts to let everyone get their practice in without intervening with someone else’s game.


The thing that intrigues me the most is that they have party rooms. Weather you need a room for a birthday party, or special event, they have rooms available to rent. Not only do they rent out the rooms for fun, they also have blood donations there to supply those in need in our community.

Next to the rentable rooms, they have table tennis set up and a day care to watch your kids while you work out. So even if you don’t have someone to watch your kid and need to work out, the community center will provide supervision.


Another great activity you can do at the community center is yoga, aerobic, and spinning classes. Still want more? There is also a rock-climbing wall that you can do for free! All you need to bring is a pair of tennis shoes and your strength!


Many people go to gyms that are way too expensive. The good news is that it’s only five dollars for a day pass. You also have the option of getting a month pass and a year pass. Prices may vary on what pass you get, how old you are, and if you live in the area or not. As long as you pay to get in, anything is open to do!