Freshman Year

What did you think of your freshman year?

Freshman year is always a different experience for everyone. Some say it is terrifying. While others say it was exciting. Either way everyone has different opinions about their freshman year.

What did you think of your first year at Northtown? Various people who are class 2017 (freshmen) answered this interesting question.

Kat Turpen said, “I think my 1st year of high school was GREAT because I got to get involved in a lot of interesting activities.”

Jack Pio also said, “It was very exciting. I liked the year because I was in a lot of things and I excelled at them.”

However, Caleb DeWitt and Emma Perry had different opinions.

DeWitt said, “High school is literally the reincarnation of Hitler. But you get to do word searches. That’s the upside.”

Perry agreed, “It was horrible. High school is hell. I want to go back to middle school.”

While there were a few bad opinions about the overall experience many students liked pieces of the year. The students were also asked what their favorite part of their 1st year was.

Some students said the best part was the activities. Pio said “tennis season” was the best part.

Sara Petifurd agreed that her sport was her favorite part, “Being on the volleyball team”.

Turpen also said that her favorite part was, “playing softball and theater class”.

Jeremy Enlow responded, “band” to this question.

On the other hand Perry said her favorite part was, “my friends”.

Thses students then answered the question, “What was your favorite class of the year?”

DeWitt, Pio, and Turpen all agreed that World History with Ms. Taylor was the best class. While Perry and Enlow said that band with Ms. Epperson was the best. Lastly, they were asked who their favorite teacher was.

Turpen and DeWitt agreed World History Ms. Taylor was the best. DeWitt said,”Ms. Taylor, because she is the most motherly teacher.”

Again Perry and Enlow agreed that Ms. Epperson was their favorite teacher.

Lastly, Pio and Petifurd agreed that Spanish Ms. Taylor was the best.

As you can see some agree that freshman year is exciting and interesting. On the other hand some…. not so much. Everyone has different opinions and they all give realistic perspectives of freshman year. So, what did you think of your freshman year?