“Monster University” Movie Review

Movie poster announcing the release date of the movie

Pixar Animation Studios

Movie poster announcing the release date of the movie

Some people believe that Pixar Animation Studios might be what society calls “double dipping” when it comes to the movies they produce. With movies like “Cars 2” and “Toy Story 3”, that is very easily believed. So, when it comes to “Monster’s University”, moviegoers were naturally worried that the movie was not worth seeing, which is certainly not the case.

The movie begins with a young Mike Wazowski being portrayed as a bright student who gets good grades but lacks the natural ability to be scary. Being told he doesn’t have what it takes to be a scarer by a fellow student encourages him to work harder than ever to achieve his dream of becoming a Monster’s Inc. Scarer.

Fast forward many years later and Mike Wazowski enters Scare University with a passion like no other. When he first meets James P. Sullivan, his opinion of Sullivan, or Sully, as he is called, is that he is an underachiever who coasts on his family name to get through life.

After an unfortunate incident, their unavoidable rivalry causes them to be kicked out of the Scare Program. However, they find a way to get back into the program which will help them avoid being stuck on a boring career path. Along the way, they make friends with other monsters also deemed untalented. Through hard work and determination, the rag-tag team of underdogs wins the competition and all is well, until Mike finds out their win wasn’t one hundred percent honest.They then leave Monster’s University as best friends and begin working in the mailroom at Monster’s Inc. where Sully becomes a scarer and Mike becomes his assistant.

Overall, many liked the prequel to “Monster’s Inc.”. Taylor Kilburn, a junior, said, “It’s fantastic.” When asked what she liked about it, she replied, “It’s so cute and funny”. And while there is definitely a large amount of humor in the movie, the plot does allude to a deeper, more lasting purpose. The film teaches children (and reminds adults) what it truly means to be honest, honorable, loyal, fair, and determined, which is why this movie is perfect family entertainment.