The Hunger Games: Book to Movie Adaptation

Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the peace treaty, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual event called, “The Hunger Games.” The most important rule of the game; kill or be killed. When Katniss’ sister is chosen at the reaping, Katniss volunteers to go in her place.

The Hunger Games series is one of the most highly anticipated books to movie adaptations that did not disappoint.

Academy Award Nominee Jennifer Lawrence was perfect as Katniss. I found myself holding my breath at the genuine fear in her eyes as she was lifted into the arena.

Josh Hutcherson was a fabulous Peeta. He was charming, caring, and completely in love with Katniss. The budding romance between he and Katniss is wonderfully portrayed and enhances the severity of their situation as the “star-crossed” couple.

Liam Hemsworth’s character Gale hasn’t been featured in the movies much yet, but his portrayal of the character is spot on. Stanley Tucci, who plays the role of Caesar Flickerman, fits his role magically as well. He grasped the character’s over the top personality and gave even the most gruesome parts of the movie a lighter mood.

Then there was the fighting. I was satisfied with how the movie handled the brutal deaths of the tributes in the arena. The shots were steady enough to tell what was happening but shaky enough not to see too many details. Though I would have preferred the details of them stayed more true to the book.

Overall, it was a fantastic adaptation of the book. There are some minor plot deviations but the important parts stay true. The acting is superb and I didn’t feel that there was a “weak link”. Overall the cast was phenomenal and the fast-paced, dynamic action, made it one of best book-to-movie adaptations.

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