Worlds Of Fun

Worlds Of Fun


Many people need something fun and entertaining to do for the weekend. The majority of teenagers go to a theme park known as Worlds Of Fun as a place to hang out with friends and have a good time. Many of them may or may not be aware of the history behind all the rides.


One of the most popular ride is called the Patriot. The Patriot was opened on April 8th, 2006. Overall, it took 14 million dollars to build. The height of the popular ride is 149 feet, going at a steady pace of 60 miles per hour.


Another great but older ride is the Timber Wolf. This older ride was opened in April of 1989. It took 3 million dollars to make, moving at 53 miles per hour. This ride is also held at a maximum of 100 feet in the air.


A great thrill ride that is common there is called the Boomberang that was opened in the year 2000. It’s known to take you 116 feet up into the air at a speed of 47 miles per hour. Next to it is the new dinosaur exhibit. There, you can dig up ancient dinosaur bones and look at models.


While I interviewed Freshman Cierra Freeman, she stated, “My favorite ride is the Mamba because of its height and its speed.” The thrill ride that seems to be the most popular in the theme park is the Mamba. It was opened on April 18th, 1998, with a height if 205 feet going 75 miles per hour. It is the biggest thrill ride held in the park.


Another tall ride held in Worlds Of Fun is the Detonator. It opened in the year 1996 with a height of 200 feet. The ride goes to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. Even though it doesn’t go that fast, it will take you to new heights.


One of the other top favorites in the park is the Prowler. It opened May 2nd, 2000. It cost about 8 million dollars to make. As they were making it, they made it have a capability of going 51 miles per hour at a height of 85 feet.


The newest ride at World Of Fun is called the Steel hawk. It is the tallest ride in the park. It is even taller than the Mamba! There’s greater thrill rides to try, not just the ones I listed. So get out there, have fun, and try some new rides at Worlds Of Fun!