The Cost of Being a Senior

During senior year students and their families are bombarded with cost of ACT, college applications fees, graduation cap and gowns, when second semester arrives there is prom, graduation and the list goes on. Not only are seniors affected financially, but the time workload and stress according to CFAH, Center For Advancing Health states that about   92% of high school students get less than 7 hours of sleep a night
“Lately, I get about 4 or 5 hours a night,” said IB senior Ian DeWalt
During second semester the cost raises , In 2013 CNN conducted  a study the results showed that the average cost of prom was $1,139.00 a student.  Two weeks after prom is graduation on average graduation costs $985.00 for parties and the event together
Not only are seniors drowning in those costs, the time and workload. “I spend about 2-3 hours a night on homework,” senior Antrionana Manning.
Seniors have homework, school work, sports and activities and they have jobs. 1 in every 4 high school students have a job. “It is draining and annoying, it is difficult to keep up with honors classes, but I have to keep [my job] because I need the money.“ Senior Jayann Lance, works during the weekend at World of Fun, “I usually work about 30- 35 hours [a week].”  Balancing jobs and school can be difficult, but when you add in sports and activities  that just takes away more of students time.
“Its hard to keep up with homework.” Senior Dylan Reichle is on the football team. To keep up with the hours of practice plus the hours of schoolwork. Sports is just one of the aspects of senior life, while some play other attend games, if a senior goes to every football game it adds up to $30.
Students involved in the musical will be at school until,“usually around 6 or 7” said senior Elijah Neilson. Along with spending so many hours in clubs they are also involved  in multiple clubs as well. The average student is usually involved in around 3-4 clubs including work, sports, and academic clubs.        In order to be in a club there is usually an alloted fee, such as an equipment fee, costume fee, t-shirts, and general membership for clubs
Through out the year seniors spend around  $2,454.00 on school activities and  memorabilia  and spend 27 hours a week on homework.