Basketball Bests; March Madness

March is a basketball fan’s favorite time, with games almost everyday, intense matchups and games that come down right to the final buzzer. March Madness is right around the corner and everyone is filling out their brackets trying to fill the void that fantasy football left. Every year there are giant cash rewards of up to one billion dollars for the person that can fill out the perfect bracket, however that has never been done. Picking every winning team in the mash-ups out of the 68-team tournament is almost impossible, there is a one in 9.2 quintillion chance to get the perfect bracket.

Kentucky’s dominance this year makes them an easy favorite, but it’s never that simple. It’s always easier to go with the team that should win, but there are always upsets. Some people will have their favorite team winning the championship and some people love to have an underdog take it all. Everyone will be stressing over their brackets and it’s almost a guarantee that almost half the brackets will be ruined in the first round when big upsets take place like 11th ranked Dayton’s Cinderella run to the elite eight last year.

Last year’s championship game was an eighth seed Kentucky team versus a seventh seed Connecticut team with Connecticut winning it all. This years Final Four and championship game will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like always this years tournament will hold numerous upsets and exciting games that will keep you watching until the very end.