FCCLA @ The Table

FCCLA members across America are sitting down and taking the pledge to eat healthy meals with their families.

FCCLA, also known as family career community leaders of America, is a student lead organization that focuses on cummunity service and family and consumer science classes, like Foods for life, Pro-start I and II, Child development classes and Fashion and interior design.

FCCLA recently  launched their national campaign, FCCLA@thetable.

The organizations goal is 70,000  by the 2015 national leadership conference in April, where the state with the state most plates pledged will be recognized.

FCCLA is  asking the pledgers to plan prepare and take a picture  of their meal and then post it to instagram under the hashtag, #FCCLAatthetable

Northtown’s FCCLA is taking the pledge to plan and prepare meals for their families “We hope to get each of our members to pledge”said Barb Skoglund One of the clubs advisors.

Over the course of February and March the students in Northtown’s FCCLA will be preparing a meal and hashtaging it, so that students have a healthy family meals during their busy weeks.  “I think its a great initiative because it gets kids eating meals with their families”said Megan Hook, the clubs Advisor.