Lucky Dragon

As a big fan of Chinese food myself, writing this review was a tasty endeavor. The Lucky Dragon is a Chinese buffet on Armour Road and is next to the infamous hot dog church.

The cost of a to-go box, which is necessary to make it back to school on time, is $6.00. The to-go box is separated into three compartments, so the food doesn’t touch, as most to-go boxes are. The rule is to be able to close it, but many people try to ignore this simple rule. But filling the box while leaving room to close does indeed give a fair amount of food for the price.

There are four rows in the middle of the restaurant to get food from. These rows are fairly close together and it can be difficult to maneuver them, fill a to-go box, while trying to avoid being in other customer’s way. While it is inconvenient, and should be taken into account, this is not something that is the fault of the restaurant owners. It is just something that should be known so the customers can take measures to be careful when going to the buffet.

The quality of the food holds a lot of weight in the overall review. It’s also a changing variable. Like most food, it is best when served hot. So the quality does drop the later the customer arrives. They do try to keep the buffet stocked up, but with so many people coming in all at one time, it is very difficult to do. But that aside, I feel some of their foods are over seasoned and dry. But keep in mind that is different for each individual.

The customer service is a subject the restaurant is lacking in. This is also something that depends on the time you are choosing to eat there. But for the most part during the school lunch periods, the owner tends to be in a fairly foul mood. And this is probably because of the stress of the rush of high school students whom, more often than not, try to cheat rules to get more food than they are paying for.

The Lucky Dragon is a short walk from the main building; usually it is very convenient for lunch. But one of the downsides to this restaurant is their hours. Every day they open at 11:00 am, and first lunch can start as early as 10:10 am. Time management is important. To eat at the Lucky Dragon during first lunch means to risk being late to third block. Which makes it very inconvenient if a student has first lunch both a and b days.

For the overall review, I would say the Lucky Dragon is a very nice establishment with its own flaws.