The Burger Shack

Tay’s Burger Shack is one of the newer restaurants in the North Kansas City area. Though the restaurant does lack some variety it does make up for it in the quality of food. The menu consists of 4 different hamburgers; The Single, The Double, The Triple and, The Home run. The primary difference between these four is the amount of patties they each contain.

Tay’s has no drive-thru so you will have to go inside to get your food. Inside Tay’s is very small, there are a couple tables for people to sit at and usually some old time music playing. The burgers are prepared very well and taste great. Another great thing to eat at the shack are the fries. The fries can either come alone (for $2.00) or with a meal, but it is something I would really recommend you try.

If there was one reson to go to Tay’s it would be because of the unique and great frys. Tay’s also carries Pepsi drink products in either a fountain drink or a cool glass bottle. Though the food is good, it is very small and at the same time very expensive. The combos range from $8.00 to $15.00. Tay’s can be expensive especially to the average high school student. So I wouldn’t recommend going there for a cheap after school snack, but if you ever have some extra money on hand and are really in the mood for some burgers stop by Tay’s Burger Shack on Armour road.