“No Place Like Homecoming”

The Homecoming Dance is Saturday, October 1, at North Kansas High School for Hornet students. With the help from Leadership members and other groups, the dance was made possible.

“It’s amazing how much effort the students put in both inside and outside of school. A lot of work was put into making this,” Corey Mccune, Leadership advisor said.  The members of Leadership thought hard about this theme and all the ideas that came with it.

The ideas had to do with Spirit Week, from “Welcome to Kansas City” Monday to “There’s no Place like Northtowne” Friday. The theme on Monday was “Welcome to Kansas City,” Tuesday was “Twister Tuesday,” Wednesday was “Wicked Witch of the West,” Thursday was “Somewhere over the rainbow,” and Friday was “No place like Homecoming.”

“The kids impress me because we met with them before school started and they knew there would be a lot of work and dedication required to make big work like homecoming work. But it’s also been a lot of fun getting ready for homecoming also,” Patrick O’Keefe, fellow Leadership advisor said.

The theme for Homecoming is “There’s no place like Homecoming”. There is also an assembly followed by a parade the Friday before the dance. There is also a Homecoming game between the North Kansas City Hornets and William Chrisman Bears.