TruU Campaign

TruU is a new DECA project here at Northtown that will determine your personality “color,” and allow you to work better with people that have other colored personalities. The project was started by juniors AnnaBeth Branch, Alex Stonecipher, and Gabe McCrummen. The students have worked hard on the project, in order to go to Nationals later this year.

The three juniors have had many different activities and promotions for this project. So far they’ve had drawings for a Zona Rosa gift cards, given out candy and buttons, and they had KC Wolf come visit during advisory. KC Wolf came and he talked about what he had been through as a mascot and what he had done to overcome obstacles.

The colors included in the project are gold, orange, blue and green. Each color has a different meaning. People with a gold personality are reliable, responsible, organized and efficient. Orange people are energetic, outgoing, competitive, and adventurous. Blue are peaceful, caring, considerate, and sensitive. Green people are assertive, intellectual, critical thinkers, and practical. Each color has different jobs that’d they be good at. A couple of jobs that people with “gold” personalities would be good at customer service supervisor, accountants and compliance officers. “Orange” personalities would be good at sales, real estate and photographers. “Blue” personalities would be good social workers, teachers, therapists and child care. “Green” personalities would be good medical professionals, environmentalists, and anthropologists.

Overall, TruU is a good project if you want to get to know yourself and how you can work better with others. If you have any questions about the project, you should contact AnnaBeth Branch, Alex Stonecipher, Gabe McCrummen or Mr. James.