North Kansas City High School has a new bell schedule


Students are taking notes on a video they’re watching in class. They had these notes to study during advisory, so they have more time to do homework at night.

Last year, at North Kansas City High School, students and staff were informed that there will be construction going on at the school. One change that has been made, is our bell schedule. Last year, we had advisory class two days a week, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tuesdays, we wouldn’t travel, we would stay and do work. Wednesdays, we could stay, or see a teacher if we needed extra time with them. This year, we have advisory four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; instead of having advisory for 50 minutes, we only have it for 40 minutes. This way, we don’t take as much time out of our classes. Sometimes there are worksheets given in advisory.

“I wish we didn’t have to do worksheets in advisory, because they aren’t for a grade, and we could be using that time to do work for a class that is for a grade,” sophomore Deja Manning says. Plenty of students agree with her, but some students don’t.  “I don’t mind having to do worksheets in advisory, because the worksheets are easier than my classwork, and I get my homework done when I’m supposed to,” sophomore Aryan Afshar says.

Another thing that has changed, is our advisory teachers; students were informed that we would have the same advisory teacher throughout our high school career. There are very few students who have the same advisory teacher that they had in previous years. “I don’t mind having a new advisory teacher, because we usually keep to ourselves in advisory,” sophomore Deja Manning says. Some students like advisory, and some students don’t. If construction and remodeling was not going on at our school, we probably wouldn’t have a new bell schedule. This is just one step toward our new school.