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STING-R Season

Matilda Whitley
Robotics Team working on the 2024 seasons robot

Northtown is full of clubs and activities, one of the more underground activities is robotics. Robotics is open to anyone who is interested. Whether you want to  be a businessman or a teacher, Team 5098 has something for everyone.

On January 6 2024 the new game Crescendo was announced, every year a new game is announced. The main driver of the robot, junior Henry Hare, shared his thoughts about the new game.

“A lot of us were scared at first at first because we thought it was complex. But we’ve been handling of this competition pretty well,” said Hare.

The new game provided challenges that 5098 was ready to take on

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“It’s helped given me a place to relax and connect with others. That and robotics has also helped teach me life skills,” Hare said.

Team captains and juniors Jamie Comer and Vy Nguyen shared how they felt the robotics team shapes them into adults.

“I feel like it taught me a lot more practical life skills that school wouldn’t have taught in normal classes, like time management,” Said Nguyen

“It definitely forced me to learn how to deal with managing projects. Trying to deal with people in a more hectic setting,” Comer said.

Nguyen stressed how the robotics team has been life-changing.

“I feel like it’s opened me up to a lot of different people I wouldn’t have ever met… I feel like it really opens your mind, it changes your perspective on things,” she said.

Students interested in joining the robotics team should know the team meets everyday after school in A106 before heading to the Norclay basement. The team is coached by  Louis Breinin and Dr. Thi Nguyen.

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